Friday, September 30, 2005

Steve McCurry Slide Show

Some of my favourites

Steve McCurry

Saw his name some time ago in the newspaper. Recognize him by his famous picture featuring a 12 year-old refugee on the Afganistan-Pakistan border. That picture is National Geogrphic 100 Best pictures. It seem that he immotarlized the haunted eyes of that girl. After two decades, he was able to locate that girl again and that was the only two pictures that the girl had ever taken. Here are some of his marvelous work.


Hush lil' boy, do not play with gun!

What can you do with a dog and a gun?

Picture with revolution influence but less diabolism.

You can visit his work here, but then, a friendly advice is that you do no visit it during your depressed moment, seeing all his pictures that potray the ppl around the world who are suffering from war or other catastrophe makes you feel even more vulnerable. Anyway, I wonder had I breach the copyright act by posting up his photograph here? =_="

Thursday, September 29, 2005

ANother Test...

Your Animal Personality

Your Power Animal: Deer

Animal You Were in a Past Life: Panda

You are a fun-seeker - an adventurous, risk-taker.
While you are spontaneous, you are not very rational.

Was a panda past life? i think i am still a panda this life, jst look at my eyebag. No wonder, mystery solved!

Kissin' Purity Test ...

Your Kissing Purity Score: 77% Pure

You've hardly ever been kissed

But the kisses you've given are very missed

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Man Chauvinist Pig

I usually avoid some kind of ppl, becoz mixing them make me goes mad. Some saying, "If you cant beat them, join them.", in this case, this is not relevent. Seeing those man chauvinist pig (MCPs), the male species who is excessively proud of his masculinity, and express this pride to the detriment of the female species makes me puke. Loose my appetite. However, wanna make the defination of MCPs clear, that he may feel no ill will towards women, he may merely thoughtlessly ignore the needs or interest of women while pursuing his esteemed. From outsiders' view, these MCPs infact need thier women (if there's still any modern women willing to be obedient of such disasterous behaviour these days!) of thier life to continue for survival.

Second , is self-centered, the Mr. Know-It-All.... (well, since i am talking the XY homosapien, no doubt for the title Mr.) They indulgently believing that the superiority in them and hence, excessively self-absorbed, and self-involved. Thinking that everyone around him will agree to his moron opinions. As i mention moron, it means that those opinions that makes no sense. It is equivalent to a statement made by 4 year-old, "Ice-Cream is yummy!" How adorable! On the other hand, made by Mr.Know-It-All, "Ice-cream is tasty to eat, it contains fats, carbohydrate, balance vitamins, however, too much of ice-cream makes your teeth yellow, like drinking coffee, therefore you need to brush your teeth very often, do exercise........." Sound moronic informative isnt it? *wink*

Ya' know, how unfortunate, a series of my unfortunate event.

Monday, September 26, 2005

New born

Nothing much to write as i am going bonkers,got myself stranded in exams. However, we have a newborn... he wishes to send regards!

"Preparing for photo session"

Introducing Big Head with Small Pig,
Nice and sweet..

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Allergic! >.<

Dunwanna write much in this post, as my hand still suffering from the needle pain, mean time, dunwanna post up too many bloody pictures either, might keeps on remind me the horrible experience.

Imagine this thing each at the back of my palms. Both hand still swollen now. Havent mention the amount of medication i have to take. However, i could finally taste how those ppl feel in ecstasy, right after the jap, my world jst cant stop spinning and spinning and spinning... like a big whirl pool... then it's Kaboom! Unconscious for the whole day! Now, i have to continue this kaboom with the lil yellow pills, taking ecstasy legally! cool huh? Don't you jst envy me or what?! Gosh, it's taking effect now, gtg!

Monday, September 05, 2005

Bike Race

The hectic lifestyle that i am having now during my uni life is totally no fun at all. Stress could jst come up to you and keep on haunting you down till you cant catch your breath, suffocate! I locked myself up in the town for long enough, all the driving, carpark searching, traffics, honking(i dun used to do this, till i came up town,honking is essential!).Not to say i dun enjoy these lifestyle, but too much is always bad for health. Therefore, as a getaway, i turn my vehichel into a bike. Racing with my sister in the aunty bike, and the tyre was almost flat, was actually fun! Thou a bit of almost falling down there because too long nv been on a bike. Now, let the pictures do the talking!

Later that night,

somebody thinks that i stink alot! True enough, havoc comes late that nite where i had skin allergy, might be due to the medicine that my family that been inputting to me too much. Suffer an injection the nxt morning, *pain* will tell more in my next post!

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Busy! busy!

I had been really busy since the midterm break. Nv had one day of relaxation before. Even during some of the outings, my mind couldnt be in peace to have a great day out. Now i understand that growing up isnt fun at all. Worst scenario didnt end of jst simply being busy. I was caught up with fever and sick for almost two weeks now after i had one of my dinner in Dengkil. ( yea! the food there is poisonous!) Or was it just me being unlucky that had me diarrhea and lost my appetite for two whole weeks. Imagine this, i cant even finish my McD ice cream, feel like chucking it away jst after first two bites, how pathetic!

Anyway, everyone else is having stress like me. When i try to think of it, i am somehow very lucky because during my "sick", i somehow managed to get myself pampered from my sister and my dar dar. My dinner and medication was all well taken care of by them. After all, both of them are busy with thier own coming FYP presentation. Anyway, i am going back hometown tml, miss my mum already. Wanna drink her chicken soup so much. After two weeks only i told her that i am sick, made her worry like hell, kept calling for the past hours, making sure that i would be home tml.

It's end of the sem and its totally no fun time! I want holidays!!!!