Monday, August 04, 2008

Characters Introduction

Firstly, it's our D.E.A.R.E.S.T planner cum organizer.

You could always see him checking routes and timetable on handphones, asking direction, carrying a stack of documents, making sure we catch all the train and busses on time.

He is also The Man who did all the booking on all the accomodation, bus tickets, ferry tickets.

Maybe because he has to do all the research and planning, leading the two slackers behind, he is always tired. His new nickname is Sleeping Beauty. He could fell asleep even with the sit-up position above.

His new found ambition is to photoshop his wife's into the pictures above.
Next is the pissed off guy from Turkey.

He is either pissed off or fed up all the time.

Even the pissed off chicken is not as pissed off as him.

Sometimes when he is not pissed off, he is with his flute. His new found tune.

He was with his flute E.V.E.R.Y.Where!! By the shore, in the McD. We purposely walked into CD shop just to refresh some of the common songs we knew.

When Ahmet is playing his flute, Kenny watched deeply.

Although it seems to be a trip of 3 fella. In fact, most of the time, I am left alone.

I wasnt with them when they crossed the lover bridge.

I was left behind in most of the journey.

I dunno what are they looking at.

The rain!!! I have to hold my own umbrella, and they share one. Super romantic!

They take pictures for each other, without inviting me. :(

I was always left behind.

and more behind.........

I am like the extra tripod they carrying around. Taking pictures for them.

And they made all the decision without consulting me. Well, no point I interfere too, I know nuts. :)

This shot could be listed in top 10 romantic shots.

They were having drinking session with me as their photographer and video recorder.

Lastly, it's the 3rd party of one fruitful, romantic relationship.

Me with my peach.. self-indulged happily! in the street of Hakodate.

P/S: I dedicate this post to my wonderful companions during this trip - Kenny and Ahmet, who was in fact kind enough to carry my heavy stuff, protect me from the rain & cold, stop me from crossing the road and hit by a truck, have enough supply of Panadol, have enough patience for my constant nuisance. They are indeed gay (fun-to-be-with) friends, definitely not gays! Gurls can still contact me for their numbers. ::wink::


Anthony S. said...

a walking tripod eh?

Chng said...

great photos this round...many lovely romantic pics...really really nice angles :-)

Doiii said...

Nice View..
Take care

Kim Huey said...

yea, a walking tripod that can say 'Smile', or count '1, 2, 3'. Super Advance.

Chng! Romantic indeed, I love the kenny-watching-ahmet-flute-playing the most. and the Bicycle picture, look at them how they deeply look at each other! Gosh!!

Doii!! You take care too!

Actually Ahmet has a vast collection of me and Kenny's backside too. hahahaha... But my camera are mostly their pictures, so until we exchange photos.. gonna share more.

Chng said...

ooo....can't wait to see ur backside ;)

sarah said...

kim, i don't know why i never clicked the link for your blog before, this is great! i love Pissed-off Ahmet... he looks like that in all of my pictures from group events, too :D

Kim Huey said...

Hay Sarah, I think he still look better pissing off instead of smiling. hahaha. :)