Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hakkaido Final Part - Ferry and Nebuta Festival

This is our super posh looking ferry................. NOT.

This is our ferry. Yeap. Have to walk thru cargo to reach a seat-less platform.

Bad Ass coffee origin from Hawaii.

Nikon Camera wanna have a look of we departing from the port.

Me eating instant noodle.

Ahmet not eating instand noodle.

He decided to murder a few people on board. Just for the fun of it. ::Evil::

This exceptionally remind me of someone in my class.

Frog frog have to stay home instead of going to Nebuta Festival.

Nebuta festival is all about the pissed off looking, kungfu sword fight fire floats.

and some man singing traditional songs with lyrics "Sei lo.. Sei lo...", with another man dancing.

It's all about the bells too.

and the Peacock look-alike hat.

This is them during day time. Dry.

This is them during the actual festival at night. Wet.

This is us without our Nebuta costume.

This is us with our Nebuta hats.

No Difference.

Let the fire begin!

One of the highlight is definitely the Taiko (太鼓).

If they not enough money to have enough Taiko for few people, they share share one big one.

It was a rainy Nebuta festival. I was busy taking pictures, the guys were busy holding umbrellas. Very busy.

Perfect end for Hakkoido trip.

Watch the actual parade here.

I am going to climb Mount Fuji later. Yes, you heard me right. The highest mountain in Japan with 3776m above sea level. Merely 319m lower than Highest mountain in South East Asia, Mount Kinabalu (4095m) in Malaysia. I am out of my mind. I know...

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