Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Knight not in Shining Amour - The Dark Knight

Heigh Ledger's performance was outrages! It was so damn good, it made me wanna do that little tongue movement to lick my own lips whenever I feel evil! However, as always, the villain in Batman series always draw more attention and are way more interesting than the Batman himself. This time, it's no difference. Evil rules!

I didnt know Edison Chen was in the movie until I saw the credits. For those who didnt know, he was once famous for his sex scandal in Hong Kong, where someone leaked out his photos with so many major famous actress. Maybe because of this, he didnt have any dialogue in the movie? And I didnt even realise where did he appeared. And Wong Wai (The cop who was Batman-struck and went expression-less after Batman flew away from the window, maybe it was a communication breakdown coz Batman was speaking English instead of his bad-acting ....... ) Hmmph, I dunno who he was, but camera was showing his face for full 3 seconds, I reckon he could be someone famous.

Credits for Chin Han - A singaporean who speaks perfect English, but spoke Mandarin in Hong Kong. Yeah, I do realised the evil plan of Hollywood trying to get more Asian market's favors, but do not bother to differentiate Mandarin and Cantonese.

Credits for Hans Zimmer as the music score composer. (also for The Simpsons, I am Sam, The Prestige...)

One problem I have for the movie, Why don't they make batman to have a more sexy voice instead of that hoarse, deep, low, monotone, feel-like-slapping-Batman-after-hearing-his-voice kind of voice? I mean, Come on!!

First time cinema in Japan. I really admired the Japanese people, they are so polite to sit through the whole credits to show appreciations to the people who made the movie. In Malaysia, whenever I tried to sit through the credits just to listen to the music, the sweeping workers will come sweep sweep your feet.


Anthony S. said...

I sat for until the credit list ends as well. I guess people here are more kiasu to rush out the packed tiny little exit.

stevelee67 said...

ee..batman voicewas nice what !!

i hate the main actress though

Kim Huey said...

anthony, yea.. kiasu!

Steve, ey... maybe that's why the ending for her?

Kim Ean said...

i read sumewhere edison is opening door at the hotel or apartment lobby

Kim Huey said...

really. kelian.

Didnt even kena punch by batman?

kim ean said...

maybe u need to slow mo, then onli can c him