Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dear Anwar

Zhan Wei showed me this link. It almost made me cry.

Click here: Dear Anwar

Quote from letter,

"The rakyat today are not like that of 16 years ago.

We understand national issues better, we are better informed, and we have a greater sense of commitment to the ideals of justice and equality."

"Understand and remember that we are no longer afraid.

We fully understand today that governance of this nation was intended to be in the hands of the people, and that when you and your party leaders offer to govern, it is with a view to serve us."

26th August 2008, will be the day, we see another dawn in Malaysia politics, The Bolehland.


Swee Won said...

OMG, that's so well-written. I almost cried too. I feel so helpless with the state of our country but I hope things will change for the better soon!

cocoa said...

wow, too bad you are not here in permatang pauh in 26th Aug.

Fireworks immediately outside the PKR operation center by the permtg pauh ppl and they shouted "merdeka!" for 3 times after knowing the majority votes that won by D.S anwar was exceeding 10k votes.

Such a touching scene. :)