Friday, August 08, 2008

Hokkaido Part 3 - It's all about the food, wine, beer and flowers

Furano - Lavender Station

Never ending Lavender

Other flowers except Lavender

Cycling trip in Furano

Stop by a paddy field to do the all time fav jumping pose

Ahmet was trying to get his jeans back from the pony

One of my dream to see never ending sunflower field came true.

All geared up for cheese tasting and selection

Wine tasting

Back in Sapporo to call it a day.

However, the night is still young.
I love the tatami in Sapporo youth hostel. It was humongous. Could at least fit 6 adults in one room.

Our celebration and toast for our victory products from wine tasting, cheese tasting.
We finished drinking the rose & lavender wine. Bailey was half gone.

This is what I saw when I woke up that very morning.
What?! What were you thinking?
You thought it would be like all-time movie some guy smoking cigarettes on a bed after a night of alcohol?

Started the day quite late that day.
I didnt mention about my public bath in the youth hostel. First time I had to share a bathroom with another naked women.

It was quite an experience. Especially me struggling in my mind whether to wait for her to finished her bath, then only dominate the whole shower for myself. In the end, I was too tired to wait. Further, Wine and Bailey was waiting.

白い恋人 Chocolate factory. It was a happy place. It made me happy.

How a bunch of ancient people discover cocoa.

Maybe I will quit my Engineering field and work in a chocolate factory.

First step is to move in a new house in the chocolate factory.
Ahmet is my new neighbour.

or learn how to laugh like them

But my true happiness shone when i saw him. All time fav pose! Ultraman!! with two eggs on his eyes.

Sapporo beer factory was one of the happy moment too.

The definition of beauties.

All you need is a Bad ASS Coffee!

Otaru Canal.

Wine tasting, cheese tasting, chocolate tasting, beer tasting.... was all happy moments.

Next, Ferry ride and Nebuta Festival. To be continue...


Chng said...

wei....where got ultraman??? that is masked rider lah !!!

Kim Huey said...

Really..? No wonder I asked myself where is the red red colour line on ultranman, but why same hand pose one?

Anthony S. said...
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