Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ang moh 紅毛

Suddenly feel the urge to speak like a drunk Angmoh.

"Today, I was like.. walking out from the building, and I was like.. preparing myself for the freezing winter cold breeze, and after I stepped out, I was like...
'no cold!?',
and I was like... so curious right, where the cold goes?.. and then, I was like..
'wtf, this is not cool!',
as I walked toward the train station right, I was like... started to sweat... and I was like,
'com'on!!!' ,
and it was like.. winter screaming back at me saying,
'No! You com'on!',
and I was like..
'No! You com'on!' (goes on for about 57 times),

and then I was like checking the weather forecast right, and it was like 18 degree Celsius, and I was like,
'WHAT? during winter so hot?!'
and I was like..
'The earth is doomed,'....

and it was like.... you and me together right.... I was like me and you together.. and things like that.... right..."

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