Wednesday, January 27, 2010

An Ordinary Wednesday

As a "You have done a good job!" for myself finishing an assignment, I decided to pamper myself. (again).

I went shopping online!

It's a website call Rakuten 楽天. In this website, you can find everything under the sun.

No seriously. Look.

In the category under women's bag itself, it has at least another 20 more sub categories, the maximum numbers in one of the sub category has more than 97,181 items. And I have no idea a simple "bag" can be divided into handbang, clutchbag, tote bag, backpack, shoulder bag, second bag? recruit bag, even porch has accessories porch, make-up porch.......

Well, I need a simple black colour bag, so that I could "blend-in" and not stand out as the only person in the crowds with colourful shoes and bag. Who say shopping online is easy when I spent 2 hours, tons of window tabs opened and closed, before I made my decision. @_@

Because I dont have a credit card, well, to curb my spending habit, okay I lied, because I am merely a poor student, no fret shopping online! See,

You can pay the item during delivery. How awesome is that?!

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