Thursday, January 28, 2010

An Ordinary Thursday

Today, is really an ordinary day.

I went to school in the morning for an exam, lunch in the usual curry house, attended a lecture in the afternoon, a brief visit to 7-11 under my building, stood in front of the wide varieties of drinks trying to choose one, in the end buying the usual. Went back to lab, took off my coat, but left my scarf on because it was chilly, and my sweater was low cut.. oh yay baby, no seriously. It was chilly.

It's intimidating for me to be smacked right in the middle of two phD students, me trying to look busy, but behind evil plan was actually chatting with two sisters and surfing about iPad. Yea, they will have wings for the next version. KimEan says maybe nightsafe is safer.

Winter this year sucks. Sometimes freezing, sometimes sweaty. Sometimes rain, sometimes sun but never snow. :(


A.S.H said...

the devil inside???haha

Kim Huey said...

yea, malas nak belajar. x-(