Tuesday, January 26, 2010

An Ordinary Tuesday

I am pretty convinced now that the google-street-view-car-driver is living somewhere near my house. Yeap! If not, why would I saw that hybrid toyota prius with it's canggih 360 degree camera on the rooftop so many times and yet I could not find myself in the Google map street view! I refuse to believe that they reject to upload my photo into the map, it's not my fault I dont look like a supermodel! WHY! WHY! Anyway, I saw there's dents on google car, HA! eat that! That's the result of not putting in my face in the map! *totally enjoying the self indulgent moment*

I enjoy walking on the streets from my home to the train station every morning. Variety of shops make me happy. The smell of fresh bakery, the sight of beautiful flowers from the flower shop, not forgetting the smell from a ramen shop, the smell so good even the imaginary smoke has engraving stating, "eat me! eat me!", I think I could write a romance novel out of that wonderful smell.
Except all this, is the smell of fresh laundry from a laundry shop, yeap, call me a freak all you want, but fresh laundry makes me happy. :)

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