Sunday, January 03, 2010

Itadakimasu! いただきます

Went to Otousan and Okaasan's home for new year celebration. (お正月)!!

Foster parents were very kind to invite all of the students who were under their wings over for dinner. So, there were a lot of catching up, stories, and laughter to share. I was there around 3pm and my mouth didnt stop eating and drinking till late night. They took out boxes after boxes of awesome decorated super delicious Japanese sweet (お菓子), and okaasan fed me red beans soup dip in mochi, super delicious! Remind me of red beans soup from home. :D

Me and Kim Ean were there last year, but maybe because there were not as many attendees as this year, so we did not get to eat the traditional new year foods. It's called the osechi-ryouri お節料理. Similar to the Chinese, each type of food symbolize a good meaning like tons of children and offspring and so on. The history of osechi origin where women do not cook during the new year so they started preparing osechi before new year, put them in a box and eat for few days.

I was helping out in the kitchen to cut the sushi and sashimi. Okaasan thought us some trick to keep the sashimi fresh even up to few days, which is to wrap it in a super huge seaweed, called... I forgot. As first they open 6 boxes of osechi and lay them on the table, I thought that was too much, then, we prepared sushi... then sashimi... then whole box of crabs... Phew! After everyone was seated at the table, we drank Japanese sake from a traditional sake bowl, like those you see from the emperor movie, a flat bowl thingy almost plate like and you have to hold it with two hands, and drink all in one gulp. Of course, after that, we drank some red wine and Portugal wine.

The night went on until my last train. Loads of fun!


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